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HongXin Cultivar — this wild grown tea, lends itself to BaoZhong processing extremely well. This elegant tea from WenShan is both subtle and complex. Despite emerald green leaves, it can withstand higher temperature steepings than one might expect. If you like off menu teas, this is a rare treat.

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Wulong Tea, Red Heart BaoZhong. This lightly fermented HongXin Wulong tea is vegetal, soothing, and it produces a lasting sweetness. This tea is grown in a small garden which has been left to grow wild. This is to say, like all of Mr. Yu’s gardens, flora and fauna are permitted to live in and interact with the tea bushes in the way nature intends rather than how most farmers have come to treat and arrange their tea fields — in orderly rows of the farmer’s choosing. When a tea bush dies off or self-propagates somewhere else, Mr. Yu does not interfere. He contends that regarding his tea fields, as little human interaction as possible allows for the tea bushes to align themselves more closely with that domain’s natural rhythms. It is this principle which then informs the tea leaves, in large part by way of the root, with certain vital essences which are lost with too much human guidance.  A good tea for starting your day, or winding down at night. The HongXin Cultivar clearly lends itself exceptionally well to Baozhong Wulong. This tea, in a word, is ‘elegant’.

From Wenshan, Taiwan. 

800 meters

After bringing your water to a boil, ‘wake your tea up’ in a gaiwan, teapot, or bowl by first adding the hot water to the vessel warming it up, then decanting. Add your dry tea leaves, and cover them for about five seconds until you can smell the warm fragrance of the tea leaves on the bottom of the gaiwan’s, or, pot’s lid. Since this is a somewhat delicate tea, after bringing your water to a boil, decant into a glass or ceramic tea pitcher, cooling it, for about fifteen seconds — then steep your tea. Try about one minute to start. 


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