JinXuan BaoZhong Tea


This lightly fermented Wulong is very floral with a sweet scent of honeydew melon. This BaoZhong sets the standard for lightly fermented Taiwanese WuBao.

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This JinXuan BaoZhong, is a lightly fermented Wulong tea, so much so it is often confused with being a Green tea. However, after steeping, it becomes extremely clear that this very floral tea with a sweet scent of honeydew melon is more complex than a Green tea. Soothing to the throat, cooling for the body, and clarifying for the mind, this tea has a clean, enlivening energy. The product picture shows withered JinXuan leaves, half-made Baozhong, after having been fired once or twice.


Hand-picked, April 13th, 2015
From Pinglin, Taiwan. Sold in 2 oz. increments.


Recommended serving-sizes and steeping times:

Bring your water to a boil. Use 3 to 6 grams of freshly woken up tea in a 150ml vessel. After letting the water rest for a few seconds steep the tea. Depending on if you like your tea thin or thick, steep from 30 seconds at first up to 5 minutes in succeeding rounds.

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