This QingXin Cultivar version of Gaba tea was made in the ball-shaped southern Taiwanese style. Upon steeping it, scents akin to brown sugar, Cantaloupe, and White Honeydew melon are immediately apparent. By way of the calming effects of gamma-Aminobutyric acid and the high bio-availability of it found in these leaves, this tea is exceptional for drinking in the late afternoon or at night. For those who like something a little different, this is a deeply relaxing and satisfying tea. This Gaba tea has already been aged for approximately two years so it has begun to take on, 老茶, lao(3)cha(2), “old tea” character — and as it matures it’s value as a tea, which is not only monetary, increases also.


Handpicked, Spring, 2015
Sold in 150gm/5.29 ounce increments


Recommended serving-sizes and steeping times:

Bring your water to a boil. Use 3 to 6 grams of freshly woken up tea in a 150ml vessel (approx. one half cup). This tea is powerful, so consider the maxim, ‘less is more’ when preparing it. After letting the freshly boiled water rest for a few seconds steep the tea. Depending on if you like your tea thin or thick, steep from 30 seconds at first up to 5 minutes in succeeding rounds. 

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Weight 5.29 oz