Leaf of The East – Buy WuLong Tea from the Mountains of Taiwan

Marie Kondo — tea that sparks joy.

Use the Marie Kondo method for deciding which tea is good and worth your while. If your to chest is full of opened bags, boxes, and tins of tea, take a moment to go through them. Which ones ‘spark joy’? Your whole body should have a soothing ‘buzz’, your breathing should relax becoming diaphramic — perhaps the area around your eyes will also feel tingly, while your mind feels meditative.

Fertilizers and Tea

In the above picture one can see some of the effects of tea fields which have been treated with man-made pesticides and fertilizers. Tea bushes that have been placed in rows are surrounded by largely lifeless 'soil'. If you have an interest in high quality tea and tea...

Spring Harvest 2018

During April, which many of you know, is the usual spring tea harvesting month here in the north of Taiwan, it rained just nine days, for a total of about two and a half inches. This, compared to double that for rainfall last year. Even then, due to a...